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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

U.S. (Nationwide)


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for providing the safest, most efficient aviation system in the world. In line with this mission, the FAA provides the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS)—the largest, busiest, most complex and technologically advanced aviation operation in the world—with the infrastructure to support all air operations within the United States and certain oceanic areas. This responsibility ranges from air traffic control, system security and safety to international coordination.

  • The FAA accomplishes its design and construction needs in support of the NAS through the Technical Support Services Contract (TSSC) contract vehicle, now in its fourth 10-year iteration (TSSC-4) with a performance period starting in 2012 and running thru 2024. The total contract value for design and construction is set at $1.5 billion.

As a member of the TSSC-3 contract beginning in 2004, and now as a key partner of TSSC-4, Woolpert has completed projects at more than one-third (approximately 1,500) of airports throughout the NAS. Partnered with Parsons, Woolpert is responsible for providing the FAA with, design, geospatial, environmental and construction services that support the FAA’s efforts to modernize its infrastructure within the NAS.

Woolpert is a key player in a variety of programs initiated by the FAA to increase efficiency, NextGen implementation and the FAA’s 10-year “Get Well” program. Woolpert offers the FAA and the TSSC-4 team decades of aviation planning, design, geospatial and construction experience and expansive knowledge and relationships with airports and the FAA.