Harris County Sidewalks


CivilTech, a Woolpert Company, was contracted by Harris County to provide enhanced access to schools, neighborhoods and transit stops. The project also aimed to increase pedestrian safety by addressing vehicle speeding issues, creating designated walking and biking paths and incorporating access ramps designed to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Sidewalk and safety improvements included:

  • Construction of a 5- to 10-foot reinforced sidewalk along West Montgomery Road and West Mount Houston Road
  • Construction/installation of a designated bike lane within the West Mount Houston Road corridor from Bold Forest Drive to West Montgomery Road
  • Widening of the sidewalk from four to six feet at the bridge over Vogel Creek
  • Creation of an eight- to 10-foot-wide shared-use path along Nitsch Elementary School to the Royal Mount subdivision
  • Roadway improvements that include median adjustments in front of Nitsch Elementary School
  • Implementation of traffic control plans in accordance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Modification of existing signals at the intersections of West Mount Houston Road and Antoine Drive, West Mount Houston Road and West Montgomery Road, and West Montgomery Road and Breen Drive
  • Construction of permanent traffic control devices, pavement markings and signage
  • Adherence to stormwater pollution prevention measures during construction
  • General cleanup of existing Harris County facilities within the project limits

CivilTech prepared construction plans, details and specifications for the proposed sidewalk project along West Mount Houston Road, West Montgomery Road and TC Jester Boulevard. The firm prepared construction plans for intersection upgrades for pedestrian facilities at West Mount Houston Road and West Montgomery Road, and at Breen Drive and West Montgomery Road. Additionally, CivilTech coordinated utility adjustments and designed minor drainage improvements.

Harris County

Harris County, TX

Provide safer, enhanced access to schools, neighborhoods and transit


  • Construct ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps
  • Develop bike and shared-use paths
  • Improve area roads and traffic signals


  • Civil engineering
  • Traffic engineering
  • Stormwater pollution prevention
  • Construction services


  • Enhanced pedestrian access and safety
  • Upgraded facilities and intersections