Lincoln County Water Lines and Booster Pump Station


Lincoln County Public Works

Lincoln County, NC


  • Civil engineering
  • Permitting assistance
  • Construction services

The Lincoln County water supply system currently distributes water from the treatment plant to approximately 12,000 service connections across the county and adjacent areas. The county identified a corridor along Reepsville Road for potential water main construction supporting the county’s long-term plan to create a second connection to the city of Lincolnton’s water system. Woolpert performed a preliminary study of the Lincoln County western pressure zone and produced a preliminary engineering report to help Lincoln County with planning and funding. The county is proceeding with acquiring funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality drinking water state revolving fund.

Progressing beyond the PER stage, Woolpert was contracted to design the project and help with permitting and construction bidding. The project consists of the design of a new booster pump station and water transmission main connecting to the county water system. The half-acre pump station site will house a prefabricated building; emergency generator; 125-horsepower, horizontal-split case pumps; and other associated components. The pump station will connect to 8.1 miles of 12-inch distribution water line linking the Lincolnton WTP to Lincoln County’s system, thus providing a secondary water source, improved fire protection and expanded service area.