Project Details

Meijer, Inc.

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky


Meijer, a highly successful, family-owned chain of one-stop-shopping stores in the Midwest, is among the fastest-growing discount retail companies in the country. More than 70 years after the first store was established, Meijer has become a premiere one-stop supercenter, with more than 100 stores throughout the Midwest.


Woolpert has teamed with Meijer for nearly three decades.


Woolpert was selected as a Meijer team partner in 1986 to provide a variety of engineering and related services to support the identification and evaluation of new store locations. Woolpert also helps Meijer gain the necessary approvals and community acceptance for new store sites, each capable of housing a structure in excess of five acres under a single roof.

Woolpert’s professional staff have supported Meijer’s expansion with the following services:

    • Aerial photography
    • Construction administration
    • Cost estimating
    • Flood plain revision design
    • Off-site infrastructure/roadway improvements
    • Site electrical design
    • Stormwater design
    • Traffic signal design
    • Boundary and topographic surveys
    • Detention/retention design
    • Landscape design
    • Sanitary sewer and water design
    • Sound studies
    • Traffic impact studies
    • Wetlands mitigation and permitting