Project Details

Miami Valley Research Foundation

Dayton, OH


Miami Valley Research Park (MVRP) is a non-profit, university-related research park that is affiliated with four different higher education institutions of the Dayton area including Central State University, Sinclair Community College, the University of Dayton and Wright State University. MVRP began its operations in 1984 with the intent to draw advanced technology companies and organizations involved in performing original research, prototype development or the application of technology to products and services to the area. While the first building within the MVRP was completed in 1985, 43 organizations that employ more than 4,500 people are now housed within the area.

Woolpert assisted Miami Valley Research Foundation (MVRF) in the ongoing development of the 1,500-acre research and development park. The original master plan was developed in the early 1980s and revised by Woolpert in 1995. The master plan land use categories include research and development, prototype manufacturing, office, warehouse and commercial. Further, Woolpert assisted the MVRP with updates and revisions to the design review committee’s design manual standards while also updating aerial photography and selected site topographic mapping. This digital database, in addition to the provided consulting services, is accessible to the MVRF for all park-developed projects and for all private sector project developments as the research park continues its efforts to draw technologically associated business to the Dayton area.