Ogden International Baccalaureate Elementary School

Elements from the original art deco building are incorporated into the building exterior.

International Baccalaureate Elementary School

JK–8 School for Global Citizens

A school district prototype design was substantially altered to adapt the elementary school to its undersized urban site. The design maximizes site usage by incorporating rooftop playgrounds, underground parking and storm water retention, and social and study activities in wide hallways. Sustainable design features present tangible learning opportunities for students.

Sustainable design strategies include photovoltaic glazing, rooftop gardens, and stormwater harvesting.
The school design takes it cue from the international baccalaureate curriculum to create an immersive educational environment connecting students with their place in the world. Feature windows frame views to local landmarks, corridors are teaching tools with block-long maps of the world in terrazzo, and the landscaped rooftop connects both nature and the city.

Chicago, IL

Square Footage


  • Chicago Building Congress Design Award
  • Brick in Architecture Design Award
  • Friends of the Chicago River Design Award
  • Engineering News-Record Design Award
  • LEED® Gold Certified