Orlando Sanitary Sewer Collection System Lift Station 2 Improvements


This project included the rehabilitation and replacement of approximately 2,420 linear feet of 12- and 18-inch gravity sewers, 6-inch sewer laterals and six new manholes. The project also involved design coordination for the replacement of over 3,700 linear feet of 12- and 18-inch gravity sewer main and 12 manholes which fell within and were constructed as a part of the I-4 Ultimate project.

Preliminary design services included a detailed evaluation of gravity trunk sewers and manholes contributing to Lift Station 2. The evaluation involved review of CCTV videos, manhole reports and the hydraulic model; corridor, utility and traffic investigations; and development of design recommendations for the rehabilitation and replacement of failing portions of the system. Final design services included the preparation of design documents for the rehabilitation and replacement of 12- and 18-inch gravity sewer main, 6-inch gravity sewer laterals and six new manholes. Thirteen existing manholes were sealed and coated, and existing cast iron sewers were mechanically cleaned of tuberculation and CIPP lined. Design also included a bore and jack of 100 linear feet of 30-inch steel casing under a railroad line.

The final design services resulted in the preparation of the construction drawings and technical specifications for the project. The design and associated documents (drawings, specifications, cost estimates and maintenance of traffic phasing plans) were reviewed at 60%, 90% and 100% completion stages. Permitting services involved multiple entities to include Sunrail, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Transportation and city of Orlando for construction, MOT and right-of-way utilization.

Construction administration services included providing conformed contract documents, attending the pre-construction conference, progress meetings, reviewing shop drawings, and interpreting plans and specifications provided to the contractor. The team responded to requests for information, provided construction observation, conducted substantial and final completion inspections, prepared record drawings and certified completions submitted to FDEP.

City of Orlando Wastewater Division

Orlando, FL


  • Civil engineering
  • Sanitary sewer evaluation surveys
  • Construction documents
  • Permitting assistance
  • Construction administration