Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter


Waller, Todd & Sadler, a Woolpert company, provided architecture and engineering services for this 29,975-square-foot animal shelter facility with the capability to house, medically treat and sustain 170 dogs and cats on their way to adoption. The facility’s 3,900-square-foot veterinary clinic offers daily treatment of the sheltered animals, including canine, feline, and the occasional reptilian or other household pet. Medical services include surgery vaccinations and the sterilization of animals prior to final adoption.

The project team provided comprehensive interior design services. Architecturally, the animal shelter benefits from high ceilings with high bay translucent windows that offer plentiful daylighting yet provide the necessary discretion and privacy associated with veterinary services and animal shelter housing. The team also support site work and improvements, utilities, access roads and parking.

City of Newport News 

Newport News, VA 


  • Architecture 
  • Engineering 
  • Interior Design