Renovation and Addition of Radford University’s Reed and Curie Halls



Radford University’s Reed and Curie Halls needed renovation to provide the College of Science and Technology with additional academic and administrative space to support students. Reed Hall was originally constructed in 1939 and Curie Hall was built in 1971; both were outdated for a modern science curriculum. 


Reed and Curie Halls comprised approximately 74,000 square feet of contiguous College of Science and Technology academic building space connected to the new Center for the Sciences building. Because the two buildings were designed in different times, the challenge was to unite them visually and create one cohesive space. Differing floor heights and mechanical systems also needed unification. The renovation had to provide academic space for student research and engagement, classrooms, offices, laboratories and collaborative space while honoring the campus setting and Reed Hall’s historic features. 


Waller, Todd & Sadler, a Woolpert Company, provided architecture, interior design and construction phase services, and teaming partner Cannon Design Architects led design and lab planning efforts. The project included an interior gut renovation in all occupied areas of Reed and Curie Halls. Renovations included existing labs, classrooms, office facilities, student support areas and a cybersecurity suite, and the replacement of existing HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. Bathrooms were updated to meet current ADA requirements. The buildings feature special laboratory equipment in all academic spaces and life safety systems. For the new cybersecurity suite, the team designed competition rooms on an isolated network where students practice defending against computer viruses. 

The project team added a collaborative area with a two-story ceiling to better link the two buildings. This 3,300-square-foot addition widened the connecting corridor and helped eliminate a circulatory choke point at the entrance of Reed Hall, creating a new, open common area to better connect Reed and Curie Halls. The addition serves as a circulation hub and provides modern facilities for several of the university’s science departments, including geospatial science, biology, chemistry, geology and physics.  

With the goal of displaying science transparently, the project team designed glass walls and doors for classrooms and laboratories. When walking by a see-through laboratory, students and other building visitors can experience science happening in real time. The transparent walls foster a unique way to collaborate across different disciplines as well as simplify navigation. 


Reed Hall and Curie Hall reopened after the three-year, $33 million renovation. The halls were transformed to serve the current and future needs of faculty and students at the College of Science and Technology. The facility now supports several university science departments and includes the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Center, Geohazards and Unmanned Systems Research Center, Geology Maker Lab, Tree Ring Lab, GIS Center, Virtual Reality Lab, Artis Cybersecurity Training and Education Lab, greenhouse and dedicated housing for the school’s scanning tunnel microscope. 


Radford has gained updated facilities, increased collaboration space and a science experience that is centralized on campus for students. The response from the university community and guests has been overwhelmingly positive. Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D., said he looks forward to the expanded possibilities for collaboration this renovation brings. This renovation and addition was also selected as Project of the Week by Informed Infrastructure.

Radford University 

Radford, VA 

Project of the Week, Informed Infrastructure 

Modernize and unify outdated science buildings 


  • Renovate existing facilities 
  • Update to meet ADA requirements 
  • Create new collaboration area 


  • Architectural Design 
  • Construction Administration 
  • Interior Design 


  • Improved student circulation and connection 
  • Cutting-edge science labs 
  • Centralized student experience 

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