Project Details

United States Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District

Crane Army Ammunition Activity, IN


Crane Army Ammunition Activity is one of the largest ammunition depots in the U.S. Army. Its Rockeye District is primarily an industrial area used for the production of conventional munitions. Many of the buildings, including production facilities, are World War I era and in poor condition. Many of the streets, transportation systems and parking areas, including rail access, also suffer from deterioration. As a result, an area development plan (ADP) was needed to guide future development for the Rockeye District.

Woolpert prepared the Rockeye District ADP for the purpose of identifying future development capacity and developing an effective and sustainable planning and implementation vision. Woolpert collaborated with various stakeholders during a planning workshop to analyze existing conditions, form a vision for the ADP, identify assets and liabilities, and develop action items promoting flexibility and long-range capacity.

As part of the completed ADP, Woolpert identified all development constraints, opportunities and requirements for developing the area to full functionality. Additionally, Woolpert provided recommendations concerning site layout, utility system upgrades, parking areas, environmental considerations and landscape improvements. The Rockeye District ADP illustrates how compact and flexible development can occur within the district to maximize capabilities, while improving overall workplace quality.