SGH On-Call Services


The city of Springfield contracted Woolpert to provide aviation planning, engineering, and technical consulting services as needed at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport (SGH). Woolpert previously updated the airport’s master plan and airport layout plan to reflect current conditions and prepare for the future as the airport continues to grow and serve additional jet and multi-engine business aircraft. Woolpert’s professional services at SGH have included all levels of planning support for the runway rehabilitation and lighting, taxiway development, corporate and general aviation hangar development, and new buildings and facilities depicted in the master plan. Our work on the master plan was a precursor to the expansion of our role in 2019 with an award of the on-call engineering services contract.

The city retained Woolpert to continue these services for another five years, demonstrating our success in delivering an on-call consulting program. Additionally, Woolpert is facilitating the acquisition of three parcels, one with a residence, situated near the airport. In acquiring these properties, we provided the city with appraisals, appraisal reviews, title work, negotiations, closings, and project management services. Highlights of our services and support under our on-call contract are shown below.

Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation and Lighting

This project is one of the elements identified in the accepted airport master plan and airport layout plan completed by Woolpert. The surface of the pavement was experiencing visible distresses, including longitudinal cracking, raveling, and surface oxidation. In addition to pavement rehabilitation, the airfield lighting system was outdated and needed new elevated edge lights and a new vault regulator. The team developed bid documents and specifications for a new ducted lighting system along with the runway resurfacing. Woolpert worked with the FAA and ODOT to secure funding to design and rehabilitate Runway 15-33 and update the runway lighting system. The new airfield lighting system was designed and laid out to current FAA AC 150/5340-30J.

Obstruction Removal

Woolpert was tasked with identifying and verifying obstructions removed and lowered for Runways 15-33 and 6-24. An ArcGIS-compliant data file summarized the obstructions for both runways. Work, including tree removal, was planned for completion in a compressed schedule of three months.

Runway 6-24 Crack Sealing

Woolpert was responsible for a pavement condition assessment, finding the runway had cracks larger than one inch. Design plans and specifications were developed for bidding, and the budget was planned and kept to $500,000. The schedule was planned for and completed in 30 days. Construction was completed in two weeks, including additional crack sealing funded by the city.


City of Springfield

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