Project Details


Marysville, OH


A Marysville-based international manufacturing company that relies heavily on rail transport is connected to a nearby plant via a CSX rail spur. Crossing two-lane State Route 739, the spur’s rail traffic periodically interrupts highway traffic flow. Anticipating an increase in traffic disruptions (caused by planned future development), the client selected Woolpert to prepare alignment studies, construction plans and environmental documentation for the construction of a railroad overpass at the affected location.

Maintaining close coordination with plant officials, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 6 personnel and the general public, Woolpert completed the project under ODOT’s Planning and Development Process. Woolpert designed the overpass, adjacent retaining wall and roadway approach while protecting the Flat Branch tributary of Big Darby Creek and maintaining vehicular and rail traffic. Additional design components included a closed storm sewer system, 240-foot pipe culvert, post-construction best management practices, multi-phase construction sequencing and right-of-way plans.

  • Single span of 118 feet
  • Prestressed concrete I-beams with reinforced concrete deck
  • Pile-supported, semi-integral abutments and MSE walls