Project Details

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio


Woolpert has been engaged with the evolving University of Cincinnati (UC) campus for more than two decades, helping to sculpt it into the nationally recognized, beautiful campus it is today.

Our design team has personally touched more than 18 projects around the UC campus. From athletic facility design, new architectural and existing structure renovations to traffic design, all have benefited from Woolpert’s wide range of professional services and our vested interest in the campus.

Woolpert has provided the following services:

  • Architecture
  • Campus planning
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • GIS development
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering
  • Subsurface utility investigations
  • Surveying

Our team has worked on the following projects:

  1. College of Music
  2. College of Law
  3. Baldwin Hall
  4. University Pavilion
  5. Tangeman University Center
  6. Campus Rec Center
  7. Stratford Garage
  8. Calhoun Garage
  9. Steger Student Life Center
  10. DAAP
  11. Linder Hall
  12. New College of Business
  13. New College of Business Plaza
  14. Linder Center
  15. U-Square
  16. Utility Mapping
  17. Landscape Architecture
  18. Sheakley Athletic Complex