Project Details

Virginia Department of Transportation

York County, VA


Woolpert provided professional engineering services to develop surveys and plans for the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) proposed widening of Routes 17 and 105 in York County. Woolpert’s roadway plans included drainage design for open and closed systems, stormwater management as well as sediment controls. Additional plan components included traffic analysis and specifications for signage, signaling, pavement markings and lighting.

According to the completed plans, Route 105 was widened from four lanes to six lanes. When conditions permitted, Woolpert used space from the median for the extra lanes and separated opposing traffic with a median barrier. When it was necessary to widen the road on the outside of the existing traffic lanes (due to existing conditions), Woolpert planned for paved shoulders to accommodate traffic. Upon the request of York County, the Route 17 project was suspended.