Design Professional, Say What?

Terms and conditions… or… communications and relationships.

Redlines and mark-ups… or… effort and elbow grease.

The former may enable you to one day prevail during a litigated dispute resolved by others and entirely beyond your control. The latter may enable you to determine the present fate of your design services and reputation.

The former is a checked box that offers a false sense of security to those comforted by regimented protocol. The latter seeds the promise that we are personally accountable and responsible to the other.

The former allows for head-down analysis. The latter requires eye-to-eye engagement.

The latter ensures the former never materializes.


Todd Duwel

As Woolpert’s Building Sector Leader, Todd Duwel advances the built environment through informed, integrated design and proven programmatic strategies. Look for more of Todd’s observations on risk management in the months to come. .