Resolving Differences in Geospatial Datasets

U.S. Air Force GeoBase Program Manager and Air Force Civil Engineer Center Geospatial Integration Officer Scott Ensign wrote this article about “Resolving Differences in Geospatial Datasets,” for The Military Engineer Magazine’s July-August 2021 edition.

The article discusses how, when faced with data discrepancies, the USAF utilized the Linear Audit Readiness Application (LAuRA) tool to compare existing and incoming data line by line. The AFCEC Geospatial Integration Office collaborated with Woolpert to develop this customized application. The LAuRA tool incorporates safeguards to ensure existing data is protected and usable and provides a way for geospatial specialists to select and compare attributes, identify differences in the data and integrate the new data values to build more accurate and reliable geodatabases on utility assets.

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