The biggest hurdle for most design-build projects is downtime, whether from contractual silos of responsibility or financing issues. Our alternative methods of project delivery remove these hurdles for a smoother, more collaborative process. From contracting assistance, design process facilitation or public-private financing partnerships, our team of senior-level experts understands your unique needs. We align team member interests with the project mission to increase efficiency, decrease waste and build better facilities. Woolpert’s alternatives to traditional project delivery can help you stride right past all of your project management hurdles.

…our team of senior-level experts understands your unique needs.

Woolpert provides the following alternative methods of delivery:

  • Design-Build: Eliminating the traditional bidding step in design-build enables us to overlap the design and construction phases to accelerate the timeline, diminish risk and minimize time and money lost to late changes.
  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3): P3 eliminates much of the financial risk associated with public-sector projects while harnessing the expertise and efficiencies of the private sector. We pair public and private entities based on common core goals to maximize efficiency, reduce waste and design, and construct better infrastructure.
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): IPD integrates certain phases of traditional project delivery with design-build and P3. IPD brings you development, design-build, P3 and program management services, all from a single source.