Water Resources Expert John Schooler Moves to Chesapeake

  • John Schooler, PE, a water resources engineer in Woolpert’s Columbia, S.C. office, is relocating to Chesapeake, Va., to assist clients in protecting one of the area’s most valuable assets. With water quality a hot-button issue, John is eager to help bring improvements to local stormwater programs. “Water plays a dynamic role in the Chesapeake area. It’s a big part of people’s lives—jobs, recreation, lifestyle—it touches them all,” he said.

    An MBA graduate with a master’s in civil engineering, John pairs his expertise in stormwater analysis and planning with regulatory experience to help clients get the most out of their programs.

    According to Schooler, being a stormwater manager and navigating regulations can be challenging.

“That’s where I come in—I help them work through the complexities and roadblocks to develop stronger stormwater programs.”

One service Schooler has brought to clients is Woolpert’s in-house water modeling program, IDEAL. In addition to contributing to the initial development of the program, he continues to provide hydrologic and hydraulic modeling support and assists clients in leveraging IDEAL models to improve their stormwater programs. Having seen the benefits Woolpert’s South Carolina stormwater clients are reaping, John is excited to bring them to the Chesapeake area.

“Our clients are benefiting from more achievable permitting processes, improved stormwater designs, BMP retrofits. That’s what I want to do here, from the ground-up.”