Woolpert is a national architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) firm that delivers value to clients by strategically blending engineering excellence with leading-edge technology and geospatial applications.
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  • Great companies are built from great people and great clients. Woolpert is moving our culture forward, and we are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work business. Find out why we’re certified as a great company.

  • Woolpert - A great place to work

Woolpert aims to help employees, clients and the world progress–to move forward through forward thinking. We are a unique AEG firm that has been delivering valuable solutions for more than 100 years to our private, federal, and state and local governments; private and public companies and universities; energy and transportation departments; and the United States Armed Forces.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • ArchitectureCombining science and art in a controlled yet creative manner, our architectural designs serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. We know how to elevate design.

  • EngineeringAs the backbone of our company, engineering touches every service we offer and every market we serve. We pride ourselves on fielding a team of the very best engineers capable of conquering complex technical challenges.

  • GeospatialWith the ability to explore above, on and below earth’s surface, we excel in providing cutting-edge geospatial services to both lead and support complex, multidisciplinary projects across the firm.

Defining Woolpert: Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission defines our purpose. Our vision identifies what we aspire to become. Our core values guide our decisions to attain our vision and mission. These form the heart of our culture.

Our mission: To help our employees, clients and world progress–to move forward through forward thinking.

Our vision: To become the premier architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) firm in the country by effectively integrating design excellence with innovative geospatial; to offer industry leading solutions to our clients; to become an employer of choice and a great place to work for our employees.

In addition to the core values above, we will continue to ensure the following words also define our culture.

We will support and collaborate with each other to build trust. We will respect each other and respect all races and genders. We will help develop one another, invest in each other, be honest and open with one another, laugh and have fun, and celebrate together. This includes everyone that works at Woolpert—we are a family.

Our culture is comprised of our values, beliefs, attitudes and mindset. It defines how we act and the decisions we make. Our culture reflects our core values–and vice versa. We recognize that culture drives decisions, interactions, business and momentum. We know that a firm without a great culture can still make money, but will never be a great firm. We are looking to build Woolpert into a great place to work, where we are unified in our efforts to fulfill our vision and mission and execute this strategy. In addition to the core values above, we will continue to work on culture to ensure the following words also define our culture:

    • Trust-built
    • Transparent
    • Goal-oriented
    • Strategic
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Safe
    • Proud
    • Fun

In summary, at Woolpert, we are a family who supports one another, working together toward a common purpose–to help our employees, clients and world progress. We want to retain and hire the best so we can provide the best service. We are fun, safe, goal-oriented, focused and committed to delivering on our numbers to achieve high performance. We strive to take a balanced approach to decision making that considers clients, employees and financial success as well as geographies and our markets and disciplines, This is who we are, and who we are defines us as a culture. Check out what moves us on a daily basis.