ESG Program: Governance

As an international AEG firm, we have a responsibility to our clients and ourselves to maintain integrity and keep data and intellectual property safe. Woolpert is committed to cultivating a secure, ethical and balanced environment for employees and those we serve.

Information and Cybersecurity

Employee and client wellbeing and safety is, in part, dependent upon the protection of their information from cybersecurity attacks. Woolpert prioritizes vigilance against evolving threats to the integrity of our data.

Because recent statistics indicate that up to 90% of security breaches can be tied directly to human error or employee missteps, Woolpert emphasizes employee cybersecurity awareness and education. In recent years we increased our cybersecurity budget and hired additional cybersecurity experts. Our IT team leads annual employee training, conducts regular phishing simulations and organizes additional campaigns around National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Additionally, all Woolpert employees are given access to extensive resources and information surrounding cybersecurity, including an anonymous insider threat hotline for reporting potential insider threats.

To limit employee vulnerability, we use safeguards such as two-factor identification and periodic password changes. We are moving our data to a primarily cloud-based environment and embracing the capabilities of virtual desktops to limit our digital surface area and thus potential entryways for cyberattack. Woolpert established a system security plan, plan of action and milestones to achieve CMMC 1.0 compliance, and efforts are currently underway to earn CMMC 2.0 compliance. Woolpert is also in compliance with the POPI act of South Africa, as no data collected from our employees or clients is shared with a third party.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption are unethical, unacceptable and inconsistent with Woolpert’s core values. Our code of conduct holds us accountable for upholding the highest standards of professional integrity and strictly prohibits any activity under this umbrella. The company’s whistleblower program empowers employees to report any nefarious activity by calling our insider threat hotline.


Cultural Awareness and Anti-Bias Training

We believe that a strong, thriving company requires a diverse team with a broad range of perspectives, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. We are proud of our numerous programs surrounding inclusion and diversity (I&D), of which employee education plays a large role. Over the past few years, we have woven the following firmwide training into our ongoing commitment to a respectful culture:

  • Allyship (2022)
  • Unconscious bias (2021)
  • I&D network and allyship (2020)
  • Hiring bias and integration employment culture (2019)

Ownership Model

Board of Directors

Comprised of Woolpert leaders and equity partner representatives, Woolpert's board of directors oversees the company's strategic decision-making.


Scott Cattran
Woolpert CEO and President
Board Chair


Chris Bertrand
External Board Member


Kevin Brown
External Board Member


Dana Dorsey
External Board Member

Principal Program

Woolpert employs a unique approach to promoting employee ownership of the company. Each year, managers can nominate employees to the principal program. Any high-performing employee, regardless of department or level, can be nominated, and to be selected is one of the highest honors within the company. As principals, employees have the option to purchase shares and receive increased equity payout returns upon corporate recapitalization (after the completion of a corporate strategic plan). Currently, nearly 350 employees hold stock in Woolpert, and the company is actively expanding both the number and diversity of those selected as new principals.

Business Ethics and Integrity

Ethical business practices create the foundation on which a trust-built organization can thrive. We recognize the importance of balancing responsibility and morality with every decision made at every level of the organization. Our vision to be one of the best companies culturally demands that we ensure our employees and clients understand the underlying importance of integrity within our firm. We practice what we preach in the following ways:

  • Woolpert’s extensive code of conduct focuses primarily on building trust and credibility.
  • Employees with access to proprietary or private information are expected to sign non-disclosure agreements.
  • Our strict anti-retaliation policy ensures that employees feel comfortable speaking up if they witness illegal or unethical conduct at the firm.