Woolpert provides the EPA with industry-leading geospatial consulting support services. Our experienced remote sensing, GIS and information technology experts work side-by-side with EPA staff to develop comprehensive geospatial solutions for the EPA’s most complex challenges.


GIS Services

  • Geospatial Technical Consulting Support
  • Geospatial User Community Support
    • Software review, installation, testing and support
    • Planning and implementation of spatial data management strategies
    • Geospatial application development
    • Analysis of emerging technologies
    • Operation and maintenance of websites and listservs
    • Customer service communications
    • Briefings, training and summary of support activities
  • Photogrammetric and Cartographic Support
    • Orthoimagery
    • Compiled mapping products, including elevation models
    • Other spatial data compatible with GIS functionality
  • GIS Studies and Reports Supporting Remote Sensing Projects
  • Written Remote Sensing Quality Assurance Plans

Remote Sensing Services


Aerial Photography

  • Black and white, color and color infrared photography
  • Land use and land cover studies
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Point and non-point pollution source inventories
  • Site analysis
  • Emergency response
  • Single-date and historical analysis
  • Image scanning, enhancement, archiving and analysis inventories
  • Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar)
  • Lidar acquisition
  • Quality assurance
  • ArcGIS import
  • Elevation models

Other Aerial and Satellite Imagery

  • Black and white, color and color infrared from non-aircraft platforms
  • Reflective and emissive infrared imagery
  • Active sensor imagery
  • Passive multispectral imagery
  • Hyperspectral imaging systems
  • Experimental sensors
  • Fluorescence imagery and data
  • Laboratory and field spectroscopic measurements, libraries and analyses

Steve Ambrose
Program Director