Internationally recognized experts in mapping and surveying

A long-standing industry leader in mapping and surveying, Woolpert has built and vetted a global network of aerial platform and sensor providers that help in the collection of airborne imagery and elevation data. We layer traditional methods with innovative new technologies to efficiently collect and process that data, delivering high-resolution 3D models of megacities, urban areas, ports, infrastructure corridors and areas of interest from around the world. Woolpert offers international clients the reliability and quality long provided by our U.S.-based operation, combined with the affordability and flexibility of local service providers.

Woolpert’s international footprint spans the globe—we’ve worked with clients of every size in over 30 countries. The green on the map highlights a small sampling of our growing international geospatial portfolio.


Reputation Based on Experience

Woolpert doesn’t merely stay at the leading edge of geospatial technology; we strive to discover and implement ever-advancing techniques for our clients. Our reputation is based not only on our leadership in geospatial engineering, but also on our commitment to clients and our performance record.

  • Professional surveying since 1911
  • Over 50 years of photogrammetry experience
  • GIS Services since the early 1980s
  • Local country knowledge for logistical support
  • Ease of country access
  • Data dissemination
  • Mobilization cost-savings

Common Geospatial Applications

Across the globe, Woolpert’s clients apply our integrated geospatial services and project support capabilities to their own planning and management activities. We create so much more than just geospatial products—we deliver workable solutions with nearly countless applications.

  • Agriculture
  • Airport infrastructure
  • Asset management
  • Defense and border security
  • Energy and critical infrastructure
  • Environmental and water resources management
  • Transportation planning
  • Urban planning and design

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