Real-Time 3D Rendering Technology Invigorates the Design Process

Design technology is always evolving, and we at Woolpert love how cutting-edge software innovations energize our process. The technology we use has always served one central goal: to bring the best and easiest processes and service possible to our clients. Over the years, we’ve made significant leaps forward when it comes to improving the design process from the client perspective. By leveraging the latest technologies at every turn, we’ve continuously enhanced the end result and helped our valued customers move their businesses forward.

Woolpert: Continuously Improving the Design Process

When Woolpert first began 3D rendering, we outsourced the process. For our Proscenium project, we sent our designs to a rendering service company to complete the task. Having to rely on someone else to interpret our designs meant any design changes had to go through a lengthy process. Clients want to see what an architectural design will look like once it’s built, without having to wait every time they have feedback. The delays with this option inhibited its use.

Technology improved, and Woolpert embraced the change. In-house programs like Autodesk’s 3Ds Max were utilized to help bring designs to life. With 3Ds Max, Woolpert brought 3D rendering in-house for our MARTA project. While it lowered costs and provided more control, 3Ds Max lacked easy functionality. The program’s complexity was not tailored for the fast-track work pace of architecture.

Neither outsourcing nor rendering with 3Ds Max kept the client engaged or allowed them to request real-time changes. This wasn’t optimal, so we tasked our R&D department to come up with something better for both our designers and our clients.

A Big Leap Forward with Real-Time Design Rendering

Fortunately, 3D technology has come a long way as of late. Woolpert is proud to have moved to Lumion, a leader in the field. This real-time rendering software allows designers and clients to focus fully on the design rather than on learning the technology. After all, design is all about visually communicating a concept, and it’s vital to be able to render the design as quickly as possible.

Our switch to Lumion allows us to not only create 3D renderings in-house, but also make changes in real-time. Our clients can see the design process from start to finish, allowing for modifications and approvals along the way. Lumion’s real-time visualization allows us to quickly produce renderings, and Lumion’s ease of use—it only takes about a day to learn the software—allows designers to focus on the design rather than learning the technology. In this way, the rendering software becomes a design tool itself. The use of Lumion has resulted in a more efficient design process during our Guardian Angel Facility project. The clients are better able to visualize the end result and suggest changes that we can implement almost immediately.

Better Designs, Better Processes, Stunning Results

The last thing you want is to let the design process drag on while the client is waiting to see the results. Lumion’s software and other cutting-edge technologies prove it doesn’t have to be that way. At Woolpert, we have a long history of embracing up-to-the-minute technological advances in our field. We believe in blending powerful design tools with our expertise and unique vision to create designs that are just plain cool.

Designers are now able to develop a plan for a client that has been modified and approved along the way, rather than merely at the end. This makes for better designs, a more efficient process and happier clients.

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