Woolpert Contracted by Greenville Water to Provide Bathymetric Mapping for North Saluda and Table Rock Reservoirs

The data will be used to compile a high-density point cloud used to assess, plan, and enhance the region’s source water management.

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Feb. 26, 2024) — Greenville Water has contracted Woolpert to acquire bathymetric survey data of the North Saluda and Table Rock reservoirs using vessel-based multibeam sonar. The proactive data collection effort will be used to compile a high-density point cloud that will help support the assessment and management of the reservoirs’ critical water supply.

Greenville Water is one of the largest water suppliers in the state, providing drinking water to more than a half-million residents in the Upstate region of South Carolina.

“Woolpert will draw on its expertise in bathymetric mapping, comparing newly collected data to data collected in 2013, to provide critical insights into any changes in reservoir storage volume,” Maritime Market Director Dave Neff said. “Lidar technology has advanced rapidly in the last decade, and using multibeam sonar will provide a swath of new, high-quality data to help inform Greenville Water's short- and long-term water management planning.”

Vice President and Water Program Director James Riddle said that Woolpert will use one of Greenville Water’s approved boats to ensure that the water’s ecology is largely undisturbeduring the acquisition.

“These reservoirs are a critical resource for the surrounding community,” Riddle said. “Greenville Water takes great precautions to protect the health of the source water. One way they do this is by prohibiting the use of private boats like ours for this work, to ensure that invasive species are not unintentionally transported into the lakes.”

Neff said that the contract will be a joint effort by Woolpert’s maritime and water resources teams, leveraging and integrating geospatial and environmental best practices.

“This contract will benefit from both the water team’s deep understanding of hydrological and environmental dynamics and the maritime team's proficiency in aquatic surveying and technology,” Neff said. “By bridging the gap between these specialties as one team, we are looking forward to providing exceptional, comprehensive support for Greenville Water and its customers.”

The data is expected to be delivered by the end of April. The contract is now underway.

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