Woolpert Recruits Former Google Team Leader to Head Cloud Practice 

Dylan Thomas, who worked at Woolpert before Google, is back to lead the AEG firm’s cloud data services.  

DENVER (Feb. 14, 2019) — Woolpert has hired Cloud Practice Leader Dylan Thomas to manage its newly formed Google Cloud product division and to lead the strategy of the firm’s cloud options. Thomas brings the rare perspective of having worked for both Woolpert and Google prior to being hired for this position. He served as the head of Partner Engineering, Android Automotive, at Google and was a software engineer and project manager for Woolpert. He said the intersection of Google and Woolpert creates a superior, transformative product. 

“Google has an intense focus on product quality and product availability and is adept at making the hard things seem easy. They ship to production very, very quickly and scale to billions of users, and keep it running at that scale,” Thomas said. “When you pair that with Woolpert’s deep geospatial expertise, it gives customers a justifiable high level of confidence in our product. This combination is unmatched in the industry.” 

Woolpert has been a Google Maps for Business partner since 2014, earned Google for Work Premier Partner Status in 2016, was named the Google Cloud 2016 Fastest Growing Company Award for Maps Customer Success for North America, received the 2017 Google Cloud Global Partner Award for Customer Success in Customer Maps and was named a Top 20 Most Promising Google Solution Provider for 2018.  

Thomas, who will work out of the firm’s Denver office, said providing cloud solutions is the logical next step for the firm, which is well-versed in working with extensive volumes of data for projects that range from statewide aerial imagery acquisitions to citywide software solutions.   

“I’ve already spoken with clients that include an aviation agency with no time for GIS (geographic information system) administration, cities doing asset management looking to offload IT toil, a federal lidar collection team with big data problems, and Google teams looking to enable energy customers,” Thomas said. “Being able to offer cloud solutions with Woolpert’s domain expertise baked in provides unique value to these customers. It’s one less aspect of their business they have to worry about. The cloud is looming large for new and existing customers, and we can help them get there with confidence.” 

Thomas said he came back to a Woolpert because of the great business plan that the leadership has developed, and to work with people he values, noting those are key ingredients to build and execute a customer-centric cloud strategy. He said his time working elsewhere also gave him a new respect for Woolpert’s unique confluence of architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) services. 

“Coming back in a role with a broader view, I realize how awesome and awe-inspiring this collective expertise is,” he said. “In just one week at the company headquarters in Dayton, I talked to experts in photogrammetry, remote sensing, machine learning, software engineering, asset management, transportation, finance and yes, the cloud. That's a huge asset to new and existing customers. I’m excited to be here and to help clients learn how to operate in the brave new world of the cloud.” 

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