Project Details

Greenville County, SC

Greenville County, SC


Located in upstate South Carolina, Greenville County is experiencing rapid growth and facing increasing regulations on development. Recognizing a need to incorporate an asset management mentality into its operations while tracking development and building construction, the county selected Woolpert to assist in implementing Azteca’s Cityworks asset management system (AMS) and server permitting, licensing, land (PLL).

Woolpert partnered with county staff to review permitting systems, develop an implementation plan and create workflow diagrams guiding the configuration of PLL processes. The project team then provided recommendations for modifying the county’s enterprise geodatabase to take full advantage of the geographic information system (GIS)-centric functionality of the AMS. A limited budget prompted the county to implement the system internally; Woolpert helped design a system that could accommodate a phased approach while lending decades of expertise to the implementation team.

Greenville County now possesses a countywide AMS that is fully integrated with the enterprise GIS and capable of tracking complaints and work activities. This scalable and robust system will facilitate better management of maintenance costs as well as communication with outside agencies.