Land licensing and permitting is a substantial part of the asset management lifecycle. Keeping up with—and keeping track of—land licensing and permitting requests requires coordination and communication. Woolpert implements software solutions to streamline the entire permitting process and reduce the time, resources and complications associated with managing different permitting systems.

Woolpert’s Land Licensing and Permitting Services

  • Business process analysis
  • Consulting and program development with subject matter experts
  • GIS assessments
  • Integration analysis and development between systems
  • Program and project management
  • Software audits, assessment and vendor selection
  • Software implementation
  • Code Enforcement
    Unify different departments under a single enforcement system.

  • System Integration
    Streamline your workflow with open communication and visibility.

  • Data Migration
    Transfer your data with confidence, efficiency and economy.

  • Custom Application Development
    Use applications developed specifically for your organization and your needs.

  • Custom Reporting
    Run effective, customized reports efficiently and quickly.

  • Project Management Methodology
    Trust our rigorous, proven process to deliver your project successfully.

Cross-Department Benefits

Our permitting software solutions offer countless benefits, including:

  • Ability to access business licenses and permits and file photographs from the field
  • On-site generation of notices, warnings, alerts and follow-up flags
  • Integrated communication functionalities