Project Details

Nelson County, Virginia

Afton Mountain, Virginia

Upon its completion in 1858, the Blue Ridge (Crozet) Tunnel (BRCT), located in Afton Mountain, was considered the longest tunnel in the world at 4,273 linear feet.

Through a Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) enhancement grant, the county planned to preserve and restore the tunnel and convert it to a pedestrian trail (greenway) that included parking and related amenities. Woolpert performed a complete topographic survey of the project limits and a 3D model for the design of the trail and the restoration of the liner and rock walls. A conceptual design and preliminary construction costs were developed for the trail, parking areas and tunnel restoration. Woolpert managed subconsultants who performed the environmental and cultural resources documentation and structural analysis of the historic tunnel. Woolpert prepared complete construction and bid documents for the tunnel, 6,000 linear feet of trail and two parking areas. We also helped the county prepare a TIGER II grant application package for construction funding.