Project Details

City of Springfield, Ohio

Springfield, OH


Woolpert provided preliminary site investigations, construction plans and right-of-way plans for the connection of Derr Road and SR 334. A need to connect the two roadways was identified based on current development and traffic patterns. Using input obtained from a series of public meetings, Woolpert created four alternative transportation plans, and ultimately, developed the final construction and right-of-way plans for the selected alternative.

  • Project highlights include the following:

    • 3,400 feet of roadway improvements
    • Four-phase traffic maintenance plan to minimize detours
    • New traffic signal on span wire
    • Signing and pavement marking plans
    • Water main relocation of 785 feet
    • Replacement of existing pipe arch with a new Con Span culvert
    • Underground utility investigations using sub-surface utility engineering (SUE)
    • Storm drainage design
    • Right-of-way plans