The perfect storm for infrastructure managers has arrived—increased regulations, reduced funding, aging wet infrastructure, and a focus on sustainability. Woolpert has worked with many of the nation’s largest cities, counties, and utilities to improve the way they plan, design, operate, and manage their assets. Our team is structured around our clients’ needs; this unique structure enables us to approach water regulatory compliance issues from a truly integrated perspective. We combine expertise in wastewater and stormwater management with advancements in asset management to arrive at the forefront of a new engineering paradigm.

Our clients must translate sustainable solutions into cost-effective strategies; we help them make informed decisions about infrastructure solutions based on sound science and EPA-approved methodologies. Additionally, Woolpert’s participation in industry organizations such as WEF, APWA, NACWA, NAFSMA, and IECA, as well as our relationships with university researchers, state regulators, federal agencies, and
industry experts, help us to not only stay ahead of regulatory issues, but also influence the development of laws and regulations.

Featured Projects

Lower Greens Bayou Watershed Planning Study

Castlewood Subdivision Stormwater Drainage Design

Cottage Grove East Drainage and Paving Improvements

Greenville County Sampling and Monitoring Network

Raleigh Watershed Monitoring Strategy and Implementation Plan

Kissimmee Monitoring Program Support

Palm Coast Monitoring Strategy Development

One Justice Square – BMP Monitoring

Greenville County Sampling/Monitoring Network

Snee Farm Neighborhood Watershed

Greenville County Services Overview

Stormwater Asset Management–Greenville 2.0


  • Asset management, system mapping, and condition assessmentBest management practice design, implementation, and testing
  • Capital project program management
  • Green infrastructure and low-impact and LEED® project design
  • Regulatory compliance for NPDES permits and total maximum daily loads
  • Septic tank/on-site sewage treatment and disposal system
  • Stormwater infrastructure project design
  • Stormwater/floodplain management, mapping and pollution prevention planning, programming, implementation, and auditing
  • Utility and funding mechanism development and maintenance
  • Water quality monitoring and modeling, quantity, and master planning programs

City of Columbia, Woolpert Win 2019 SC APWA Project of the Year Award