Project Details

City of Augusta

Augusta, GA


With an aging, paper-based work order system, the city of Augusta turned to Woolpert to implement a Cityworks enterprise asset management system (EAMS).

Prior to the implementation, city utility workers had to physically pick up and return their work orders at the office, and field crews were unable to access digital maps stored in the geographic information system (GIS). Inaccurate work orders, bureaucratic bottlenecks and process inefficiencies plagued the system and created confusion.

With the implementation of Cityworks’ GIS-centric application, Woolpert streamlined Augusta’s management of labor, materials, equipment, construction, maintenance and repairs. Now, all work orders are digitized and maintained in a single database, and employees can quickly access and respond to work orders as they come in. Integrated with the city’s 311 solution, the EAMS automatically routes requests by water basins, assigns service requests to the appropriate supervisors and advances the documentation and approval process.

Augusta’s EAMS has enhanced operations across the city with more accurate records, consistently accessible and reliable work orders and greater transparency for employees and residents alike.