Fuyao Glass Manufacturing Facility



Woolpert has worked with Fuyao Glass America since 2014 to redevelop a former auto assembly plant near Dayton, OH. into the largest auto glass producing plant in the world. To help Fuyao successfully and safely integrate into the American business landscape, Woolpert created a comprehensive consulting team to provide cultural, business and technical services and resources.

Prior to Fuyao purchasing half the site and buildings on the 280-acre location, Woolpert created a scope of work and budget to determine the most cost-effective means to update the facility’s existing structure, architecture, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Woolpert ‘s design called for reconfiguring space into separate facilities, partially demolishing several buildings and creating 30,000 square feet of new office space for the plant’s support functions.

Woolpert’s multidiscipline approach included utilizing a translator, incorporating the principals of Feng Shui into the building’s architecture and working together to help Fuyao navigate through the complex layers of regulatory departments and agencies unfamiliar to Chinese businesses.

Woolpert provided electrical expertise to allow the Chinese-designed electrical system to be built in the United States, correcting code or construction issues and saving Fuyao costly construction errors, code violations and, most importantly, injuries. The 90-megawatt service into the building has intricate relay protection required for personnel safety.

The electrical design includes three new 30 MVA outdoor substations fed directly by Dayton Power and Light that power new glass furnace and molding equipment.  Woolpert also prepared equipment foundation designs and consulting service for utility upgrades including water, power and sewers by working with Fuyao and engineers from a Chinese design firm.

Woolpert also worked with Chinese interior designers to create a one-of-a-kind showroom/educational center with interactive technology that provides displays and videos illustrating Fuyao’s history, products and leadership in the automotive glass industry.

Fuyao Glass America, Inc.

Dayton, OH

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