IND Storm Sewer Evaluation



When several small sinkholes appeared on the grounds of Indianapolis International Airport (IND), the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) knew there was no time to waste. Because sinkholes are good indicators of below-ground pipe failures, the ground depressions in a drive lane near the Runway 32 approach suggested potential problems with IND’s storm sewer system. The first step in preventing larger sinkholes from forming was evaluating the existing conditions of the storm sewer system.


Woolpert used closed-circuit television (CCTV) to review, evaluate and analyze the existing corrugated metal storm sewer pipes. The project team deployed a robotic CCTV camera into the pipes to provide a real-time view of the pipes’ conditions. Using that video footage, Woolpert’s sewer evaluation experts assessed the pipes according to the latest pipeline assessment certification codes (PACP) from the National Association of Sewer Service Companies.

After completing the inspection, the project team detailed and scaled all observed pipe defects in a post-inspection report. They also analyzed the inspection data and developed repair recommendations based on the associated construction cost, life expectancy and maintenance requirements.


Woolpert delivered the following items to IAA at the conclusion of the project:

  • Inspection findings supplemented with drawings, tables, aerial photographs and exhibits
  • Video inspection files for IAA records
  • Repair recommendations
  • Probable construct costs for multiple repair options
  • Schematic drawings supplementing the recommendations

Based on the pipes’ PACP scores and Woolpert’s recommendations, IAA established a repair prioritization list.


Woolpert’s CCTV inspection of all the storm sewer pipes within the project work limits enabled IAA to develop a wholistic approach to repairs. The system maps generated during the CCTV inspection give IND accurate resources for comparing actual field conditions to as-built documentation. Additionally, instead of targeting just one specific failing pipe, the project team supplied details on adjacent pipes that support proactive, rather than merely reactive, sinkhole mitigation.

The most obvious benefit of Woolpert’s services is the prevention of a major sinkhole with the potential to cause unscheduled runway closures, emergency repairs, frustrated travelers and lost revenue.

Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA)

Indianapolis, IN

Sinking pavement caused by failing storm sewer pipes

CCTV pipe inspection and condition assessment

Envirosight Rover X CCTV Camera


  • Up-to-date infrastructure conditions
  • Holistic approach to repairs
  • Proactive sinkhole mitigation

Woolpert Conducts Stormwater System Evaluation at Indianapolis International Airport