Louisiana DOTD Obstruction Analysis and ALP Development


Woolpert provided geospatial services, as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement subconsultant, to LA DOTD. As part of this project, the team gathered aerial imagery data to inform obstruction analyses and airport layout plan updates for five general aviation airports: Homer Airport (5F4), Winnsboro Airport (F89), Beauregard Regional Airport (DRI), St. Landry Parish Ahart Airport (OPL), and Scott Airport (M80). The team also usedthe mapping data to update ALPs for two Louisiana airports: John H. Hooks Memorial Airport (M79) and Delhi Airport (0M9).

Obstruction Removal Program

Woolpert helped ICE plan, design, and execute an obstacle removal program for LA DOTD. In the preliminary tasks, the team first recommended survey limits, methodologies, and key surfaces/features to define thorough data collection. From this assessment, Woolpert determined the technical approach that would allow for obstacle information to be pulled from the geospatial data. The consultant team leveraged subject matter expertise to provide an actionable framework for LA DOTD’s implementation of the program. Woolpert ultimately surveyed existing surfaces (visual approaches, non-precision instrument approaches, precision approaches, precision approach path indicator approach slopes, obstacle clearance surface, light signal clearance surface, and departure surfaces) at the airports listed above. While the data collection methodology varied, all photogrammetric controls, stereo imagery, ortho-photography, and feature data were collected and reported in accordance with FAA specifications.

ALP Updates

Woolpert used the imagery data from the previous task to update ALP data for both M79 and 0M9. The team developed planimetric data for the non-safety critical projects illustrated in the updates and ensured the LA DOTD airport system data was compatible with FAA ADIP web standards.

Airport Safety Development Program

Woolpert leveraged our ever-expanding toolbox of resources to provide an introductory and continuing education program for LA DOTD staff. The individuals assigned to this task were well-versed in developing training modules approved and used by the National Association of State Aviation Officials. The team of former state aviation officials, FAA ADO directors, municipal government officials, and private pilots created curricula outlines, course content, and reference libraries to be used by system airport leadership and LA DOTD staff.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD)