PVU Terminal and Commercial Apron

Woolpert was the prime consultant for a new terminal at Provo Airport (PVU) and provided overall program management, site civil design, architectural programming, and construction management services. The 2017 terminal area plan first identified the need to replace the existing terminal to meet growing demand. Woolpert provided design services including an initial programming and concept plan phase for a 10-gate area layout. The architectural design development phase of the work is supported by MHTN Architects (MHTN), who is working alongside Woolpert to implement the new terminal building.   

The first phase included the design and construction of the four-gate regional airport terminal and associated commercial apron. The terminal gate positions were designed to accommodate the fleet mix specified in the terminal area plan currently being completed and approved by PVU and the FAA. The four gates will include one passenger bridge and three ground boarding positions. Each gate position will be sized to accommodate the largest aircraft in the fleet mix, the Boeing 737-900. This phase’s design and implementation required coordination with the airport, airlines, TSA, and rental car companies. The construction delivery method was construction manager at risk, resulting in close coordination with the contractor and subcontractors during the design phase, in the establishment of the GMP, and during construction.


The initial construction of the project consisted of the earthwork to prepare the proposal terminal apron area, including taxi lanes to access the apron area, for the construction of a future pavement section. This work included excavation; removal/replacement and stabilization of unsuitable native soils; placement of separation geotextile fabric; placement of granular borrow material to be utilized as a subgrade for future pavement sections; and the placement of borrow material as surcharge over the area at depths of 44-54 inches (except within the taxiway object-free area of Taxiway A where the depth of surcharge varied to meet grading requirements).

The ongoing terminal development project also required extensive environmental documentation; however, through exhaustive coordination with the FAA, the project was cleared through a documented categorical exclusion in a timely manner and met FAA deadlines. The project included numerous special resource surveys, historic and archaeological investigations, wetlands investigation, permit acquisition through the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and ongoing coordination throughout the construction phase.

Provo Municipal Airport (PVU)

Provo, UT