STJ Air Traffic Control Tower Design and Construction


Woolpert is overseeing the design and construction of a new air traffic control tower (ATCT) to replace the existing, outdated existing. During the assessment of the existing facility, all major building systems were identified as in need of replacement. Significant work was required on the building exterior envelope and roofing, and substantial renovation work would be needed for the facility to meet current accessibility requirements. This work would be costly and impactful to the airport. Furthermore, the existing cab height at the ATCT does not meet the current FAA required line-of-sight criteria and needed to be brought up to standards. The wood-framed cab also needed significant renovation to address leaking and glare, as well as electrical, communications, HVAC, and control equipment upgrades.

Based on the assessment, our team determined that to fully meet the modern accessibility, safety, fire protection, and building standards, construction of a new facility is required. This new ATCT will provide the required line of sight, include upgraded modern equipment, and interface directly with the Air National Guard’s radar approach control. Though the facility’s status as a tower training facility for the Air National Guard and the airport’s importance to national transportation infrastructure complicated the development process, the team leveraged relationships with federal and state agencies to ensure adequate funding and FAA approval.

Rosecrans Memorial Airport (STJ)

St. Joseph, MO