Project Details

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH


In addition to hiring a new coach, a central component of the University of Cincinnati’s commitment to elevate its football program as a BCS contender was its initiative to create a state-of-the-art sports complex. Woolpert performed a feasibility study and worked with local firms to help design the $12 million sports complex on a fast-track schedule, with construction to be completed in just over 18 months. The complex includes a regulation-size field that also accommodates the women’s Division I lacrosse team as well as a half-size practice field. The full-size field also features an air-supported dome that covers the field from late November through March. The many services we provided included designing the gateway (campus entrance), site layout, extensive perimeter landscape and fencing, site grading as well as a sophisticated new drainage system for the turf field and a 4 million gallon underground thermal energy storage (chilled water) tank. We also designed the removal and relocation of the existing sanitary sewers, storm sewers, domestic water, electric, telephone, parking and streets.