SmartView® is state-of-the-art camera technology linked with an image-processing workflow that uses three-line scanning principles to produce four cardinal views in addition to using traditional overhead ortho imagery. The result is a continuous, oblique aerial view (OAV) and overhead-view dataset compatible with existing GIS, computer-aided design (CAD) and map-server systems.

Photogrammetric-grade, large-format, digital-scanning cameras combined with GPS and inertial measurement technologies gives us data that produces exceptional positional ground accuracies that are critically important to first responders. Additionally, OAV imagery produced by SmartView can be overlaid on existing data layers with the highest accuracy.

Through the SmartView® Connect application, it becomes easier to quickly switch between views. With the built-in tools, you can make true vertical and 3D measurements, and the ArcGIS Extension allows you to view the data in real-world coordinates while accessing full GIS functionality. Most importantly, since the delivered data is not a licensed product, it belongs to you.