About Us

Established in 1911, we are a design, geospatial and infrastructure management firm focused on providing exceptional services and employing cutting-edge technologies and processes for clients in the federal, state/local and private sectors across the U.S.

With 600 professional and technical staff in 25 offices nationwide, we are widely recognized as one of the nation’s largest and leading firms in our industry and are consistently ranked among the top 100 design firms by Engineering News-Record (ENR).


Our Foundation

Woolpert is one of very few engineering, architecture and geospatial firms that has been in business for more than a century. Our history shapes our competitive advantage. Because we are grounded in time-tested principles and values, we have the courage to push toward a further horizon.

Our longevity comes from a steady determination to add value in every endeavor. This commitment has given the firm the persistence and ingenuity not just to endure—but also to succeed.

Our Principles

The foundation of our success is shaped by four principles:


Woolpert began, prospered and persevered through perhaps the most explosive century in human history in every dimension: social, political, industrial, technological, environmental. Through it all, the firm has built a reputation for taking on challenges and going the distance for our clients.


The keystone of our working relationships among each other and with clients is trust. Trust fosters responsibility and encourages individuals to set their own performance horizons. Trust invites each of us to reach beyond what can be expected to achieve what can be imagined.


Creativity is essential to everything we do. It touches every element of the firm’s work processes—from the ways we work together and with clients to the outcomes our work produces.


Woolpert looks at problems from different perspectives, listening to our clients and adding value to the solutions. We are dedicated to being different from other companies in all the ways that matter. This dedication defines our industry leadership and gives us opportunities to make a positive difference in everything we do.

Our Future

Our work is complex, but what really sustains our firm is simple: it’s our foundation. We share a commitment to the principles that help us meet our goals. These goals then shape the strategies that drive our plans, projects and people. Our three goals strengthen the evolution of our culture and define our future. Our dedication to these goals is carried out through many strategies, allowing individuals to flourish and various groups to pursue opportunities where they see potential for growth.

Meeting our goals keeps our promise to increase value in every endeavor, a pledge good for another century. Our business strategies will always evolve alongside market changes.


For over 100 years at Woolpert we have been committed to providing quality deliverables and services that meet our client’s expectations, industry standards, government regulations and our own professional benchmarks. Our commitment to quality helps us achieve results that keep our clients coming back to us again and again.

More than 86 percent of our clients return to us for additional services or projects. We believe this stands as our best testament to the quality and value that we offer.

At Woolpert, we truly believe this simple statement: Quality counts!

Clients can expect us to do the following:

  • Meet schedule and budget
  • Provide accuracy and completeness
  • Prepare documentation of activities
  • Keep changes to a minimum
  • Meet and exceed industry standards
  • Be accessible and responsive
  • Communicate and listen
  • Obtain advanced approvals from the client
  • Eliminate surprises
  • Make them look good
  • Be easy to work with

From top-level management to those in the fields, we strive to make every experience the best we can provide. Taking steps internally, we build a foundation to constantly improve our processes to better suit client needs and desires. Not only do we take client quality surveys seriously, we take the necessary actions to maintain client satisfaction so that we will always be your firm of choice.


Woolpert’s comprehensive safety program incorporates a multilateral approach to safety, which includes the safety policy, internal communication, safety learning topics/videos, training, motor vehicle records checks, drug testing, presentations with our corporate insurance company, safety committee research and review of safety issues.

Compliance with the safety program is stressed from top management down to field supervisors. Continually focusing on safety, field employees are assigned safety topics/videos on a quarterly basis and must pass with a perfect grade of 100 percent. In addition, every employee review includes a section on safety, and each employee is rated by those he/she works for, those he/she works with, and those that he/she supervises to obtain input from all levels.

Corporate Safety Program Overview

  • Safety meeting topics (“Toolbox Talks”) provided to project supervisors
  • Safety learning topics/videos with quizzes assigned to all field personnel
  • Published corporate safety policy available on company intranet
  • 14-panel drug testing performed randomly, upon reasonable suspicion and post-accident
  • Safety representative authorized by OSHA to teach OSHA 10 and 30 hour (available to employees nationwide)
  • Semi-annual driving record checks
  • Safety suggestion system in place to encourage employee participation
  • Investigations of incidents and accidents to determine root cause
  • Safety committee quarterly meetings
  • Safety section included in every employee review
  • Veriforce and Safeland certification of field personnel for oil and gas projects

Safety Representative

Woolpert’s safety representative, Kay Hass, joined Woolpert in 2006 as a construction inspector/observer and OSHA 10 and 30 Hour trainer. Projects that Hass worked on include roadways/parking lots, vertical construction/demolition, water treatment plants and waterlines, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, manholes and sewer lines. Clients include corporations, municipalities, airports, oil and gas, and military bases.

Memberships include:

Woolpert is a PICS member for
multiple clients.


Current Grade: A

Woolpert has earned a top
ISNetWorld grade for
multiple clients.