Fort Eustis Army Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Barracks Complex

Fort Eustis Army Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Barracks Complex
  • Balfour Beatty Construction
  • Fairfax, Virginia

Woolpert provided design services for the AIT Combination Barracks and Company Operations Facilities Complex for Fort Eustis and the USACE Fort Worth District MATOC program. Woolpert’s design encompassed one three-story, 300-bed, 89,500-square-foot Army AIT barracks and one 2,000-square-foot lawn equipment building.

The new barracks building is located at the site of a previous military family housing complex. The overall architectural design, scale and materials of the barracks building impart a residential quality and were developed to harmonize with the adjacent dining facility, TRADOC, JTFCS and future buildings on post. Woolpert’s site design, landscape architecture and mechanical/electrical system designs all contributed to the unified, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional character of the project.

Additionally, the project meets all anti-terrorism/force protection requirements and was certified LEED Silver by the United States Green Building Council. Woolpert provided LEED management services ranging from setting green building goals and coordinating team member input to completing all documentation requirements.