How to Be the Intern EVERYONE Wants—Tips from a Woolpert Recruiter


Whether you are beginning your first or fourth internship, you’re probably a ball of nerves. After all, being an excellent student doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be an excellent intern, and you want to get this right—especially because internships (particularly those at Woolpert) often lead to full-time job offers.

Worry not, my friend, I’ve got you covered. To help you excel in your new role, I asked several Woolpert intern managers for advice on how interns can become THE ONE. You know, the one everyone wants to hire. Here are their great tips for maximizing your time as a Woolpert intern.

It All Starts with Attitude
Go into it with a bad attitude,” said no one ever. Success always begins with a good attitude. Woolpert’s most successful interns are humble and willing to put forth great effort. Without pre-conceived notions about what they’ll be doing, they tackle projects with enthusiasm. Their desire to learn and grow is strong. If they feel confused about something, they ask questions to clarify a path toward the desired outcome.

Confidence is Key
Self-motivating, question-asking, effective-communicating interns have a leg up on their counterparts. Don’t be afraid to speak up about a different approach, new technique or alternate software option. When you ask questions and offer your opinions, everyone benefits from the knowledge sharing.

Step Out of Your Box
Are you a team player who can think outside the box? You’re already on the right track. Managers cite an interest in learning and the willingness to try something new as being crucial to a successful internship experience. By bringing a desire to learn, organize, collaborate and work hard, you position yourself as the intern everyone wants.

Own It
At Woolpert, employees bond with one another and take ownership over their work; these are qualities we also look for in interns. It’s important to be able to work independently while also recognizing when it’s time to reach out for help or support. Despite being new to the company, you should still invest in the production of a high-quality project for the client.

Great Minds Think Alike
Woolpert’s values form the foundation of our culture. We hire interns who are driven, collaborative, focused, creative and curious. We look to our interns to strengthen our culture and help us continue to grow by blending engineering excellence with smart questions and creative vision.

Woolpert’s intern program provides an educational, supportive and enjoyable experience. We are always eager to convert the best of the best interns into full- and part-time employees, and our approach has been proven to strengthen our organization. In fact, some of our senior leadership team began their careers as interns for Woolpert.

Woolpert is one of the fastest growing national AEG companies in the country, and we’re excited to bring more young professionals into our family. Find our latest internship opportunities on our career page, and encourage your friends to check out Woolpert!

Now, get out there and make it happen!




Sam Finke

Sam is a talent recruiter with Woolpert. She leads the firm’s internship program and can be found popping up at college career fairs across the Midwest.


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