With fewer dollars and resources available, doing more with less is a reality, but how do you manage this? Woolpert’s Infrastructure Optimization (IO) tool improves decision making for:

    • Rehabilitation and replacement (R&R) prioritization
    • Replacement material alternatives and associated cost impacts
    • Capital investments versus enhanced maintenance
    • Capital investment timing
    • Long-term fiscal alternatives
    • Short-term packaging for capital projects

IO is an ESRI ArcGIS extension/add-on that extends the functionality of your current work and asset management system. IO’s has four key tools:


Calculates an asset’s overall risk by determining the probability of failure, consequence of failure and redundancy


Tests different maintenance strategies and associated costs based on estimated effective lifetimes


Generates tabular and graphical R&R scenarios enabling decision makers to forecast infrastructure improvements, plan operating budgets and ensure sustainability


Produces executive-level, content-rich graphs and charts exportable to Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Reader


Check out these resources to see exactly how Woolpert is implementing and advancing our clients’ infrastructure optimization needs.