Woolpert’s Industry-Leading Lidar Capabilities


The difference between an average firm and a leading geospatial service firm is not just people; it’s also the technology at their disposal. Enter Woolpert’s use of lidar—light detecting and ranging—technology.

We’ve been providing unmatched lidar services to clients for more than a decade and continue to lead the industry with system and data processing advancements—even by developing the technology ourselves.

Woolpert uses lidar to create the following value-added products for our clients:

  • Digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • Land use/land cover maps
  • Land cover characterizations
  • Vegetation classifications
  • Building and structure maps
  • Biomass and carbon/greenhouse gas calculations
  • Transmission and utility maps
  • Emergency response plans
  • Pre- and post-event disaster plans
  • Pavement management plans


Woolpert’s approach to collecting aerial imagery includes lidar, which blends the feature- and terrain-mapping capabilities of photogrammetry with incredibly dense, foliage-penetrating point measurements at resolutions down to the inch.

Our top-of-the-line lidar scanning systems sample and model everything on the earth’s surface—trees, water bodies, buildings, above-ground infrastructure and, of course, the ground.


Today’s surveyors have a wide variety of high-tech tools at their disposal, and one of the most powerful technologies to emerge in the last 10 years is the mobile mapping system. Mobile mapping eliminates disruptions to the motoring public and removes surveyors from harm’s way.

Van Configuration
Boat Configuration

Woolpert’s unique system combines Optech’s latest-generation lidar units with four digital cameras and an Applanix 420 Position and Orientation System (POS), mountable on a cargo van, ATV, boat or even rail car.


Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Point Cloud. Learn more about this project.

At a collection rate of one million points per second, the system merges the speed of airborne mapping with the precision of terrestrial surveying to produce high-precision, 3D data.


Woolpert has been successfully implementing 3D laser-scanning technology on projects for well over a decade, and our team consists of experts who have been on the forefront of this technology since its inception. Woolpert combines a long history of geospatial expertise with state-of-the-art time-of-flight and phase-shift laser scanners to provide you with high-accuracy as-built documentation for your facilities, whether plants, airports, buildings or underground structures. And because we provide a field-to-finish product, we will also deliver highly accurate CAD and GIS models, building information models and traditional 2D and 3D CAD drawings.