Meet CAMACloudTM, a comprehensive suite of appraisal technologies designed to integrate with your CAMA system. Led by our flagship module, MobileAssessor, and its history of industry success and deep capital backing, CAMACloud empowers agencies to conduct mass appraisals more efficiently than ever before. Unlike other products on the market, CAMACloud is configurable and open-sourced, offering real-time synchronization that streamlines field and office tasks, from collecting property data to verifying, analyzing and improving it. CAMACloud’s unique ability to integrate with virtually any CAMA system, as well as other geospatial technologies and data, creates limitless opportunities for increased productivity.

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CAMACloud by the Numbers*

*First-year users


Less time needed for field assessments


Average savings per parcel


More capacity for annual appraisals without additional staff



Full integration with your CAMA system

Instant Photo Association

Instant photo association

GIS Integration DCS

Integration with geospatial providers


Productivity dashboards and reports

Touch Screen Sketching DCS

Touchscreen sketching

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