Aviation Architecture

Woolpert is committed to leveraging our expertise in land use and policy planning, project/site design, planning, engineering, and community engagement to further our clients’ architectural pursuits. We are well-versed in incorporating architectural concepts and guidelines to ensure that future development embraces a common aesthetic. Our team develops these concepts with the following key considerations in mind: airport security and operational requirements, quality of service and experience for airport users, scenic views, and other community land use requirements. Woolpert has have designed terminals, airport operations buildings, and other landside structures at airports across the country. Furthermore, we regularly provide terminal area planning to align near-term airport projects with future development.

Woolpert has worked on many projects that blend aesthetics and architectural concepts while maintaining the functionality and safety of the airport. Our ability to integrate architecture and various engineering disciplines into complex projects adds value for our clients and ensures successful project delivery.

Featured Projects

CPR Snow Removal Equipment Facility

STJ Air Traffic Control Tower Design and Construction

PVU Terminal and Commercial Apron

EGE Terminal Renovation

CWA Concourse Interior Renovations

Southwest Airlines Maintenance Hangar

LAR New Terminal Construction

ALS New Terminal Building

JAC Terminal Expansion and Renovation

Beck’s Corporate Hangar Design


  • Architectural concept design
  • Code analysis
  • Construction oversight
  • Design guideline development
  • Detailed design and construction planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Interior design
  • Master planning
  • Space planning
  • Special system facility design
  • Sustainable building envelope
  • Wayfinding and signage design